Wrongful Death

Wrongful death attorney Yawovi Agboryibor has over a decade of experience assisting family members through the difficult process of wrongful death lawsuits. Cabinet Yawovi Agboryibor understands that legal issues are often the last thing that family members want to deal with during difficult emotional times. For this reason, we pride ourselves in providing sensitive and effective legal representation that allows you to focus on family matters while having confidence that your rights will be protected and compensation for your loss obtained.

Lome, Togo Wrongful Death Law

Under Lome, Togo law, a wrongful death claim may be raised in circumstances where the negligent actions of another result in the death of a family member. Wrongful death lawsuits may arise as a result of

Under the Lome, Togo Wrongful Death Act, wrongful death lawsuits may be brought by certain close relatives of a person who was injured and died as a result of a wrongful act. Those individuals entitled to bring a wrongful death lawsuit are called “survivors” and include the spouse, children and parents of the deceased, as well as any other blood relatives who depended on the deceased for support or services.

Compensation for Loss

The Lome, Togo Wrongful Death Act also comprehensively governs the compensation that survivors can receive for the loss of their loved ones. All survivors are allowed to recover the value of lost support and services from the date of the deceased’s injury to his or her death, plus future loss of support and services. The actual evaluation and determination of total loss is a complicated process and it is best to consult an attorney experienced in wrongful death lawsuits. Economists are frequently consulted on these matters to reach an accurate and fair monetary figure.

Additionally, a surviving spouse may is also entitled to compensation for the loss of companionship and protection and mental pain and suffering that resulted from the loss of the deceased. Similarly, children of the deceased are entitled to compensation for lost parental companionship, instruction and guidance, and for mental pain and suffering.

Seeking Compensation For Your Loss

If you have recently suffered the loss of a loved one as a result of another’s wrongful actions, South Wrongful death attorney Yawovi Agboryibor has the necessary background and knowledge to assist you in a wrongful death lawsuit. Cabinet Yawovi Agboryibor is a leading Lome, Togo firm dedicated to representing clients who have been the victims of a devastating loss. We understand that this can be a deeply difficult time for family members and will work with you to best represent your interests in the courtroom while minimizing the stress and emotional impact of litigation. To speak with Yawovi Agboryibor or set up a free initial consultation, contact Cabinet Yawovi Agboryibor at +228-92916309, or online. We work entirely on a contingency fee basis for personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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